Oscar Optics, Inc.
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Warranty Program
* 100% Accuracy and ANSI Standards.
We guarantee 100% accuracy and zero defects within ANSI standards. Laboratory errors caused by our system will be fully credited, and we will promptly and courteously redo the lenses to our 100% accuracy standard.

* Cancellation or Rx Change.
We understand that there may be chances you want to cancel or change the Rx. If the lenses have not been generated or edged, the job may be cancelled or changed at no charge. If the job has already been generated or edged, the job will be billed at 50% off invoice price.  Order Status

* Two Years Warranty.
Oscar Optics, Inc, warrants products to be free of defect in material and workmanship under normal use during the two-year warranty period. The warranty will not cover products damaged by accident, misuse or negligence. The replacement lenses must be of the same prescription and material as the original. Any fitting changes will not be replaced under this policy. This policy also applies to AR coated lenses. A copy of the original invoice and damaged lenses must be returned with the request.

* Non-adapt Return Policy.
The patient’s satisfaction is the most important success factor of our business. If the patient cannot adapt to a progressive lens order within 90 day of the shipping date from our Lab., we will offer a pair of non-progressive lenses at free charge.

For detail warranty and service information, please feel free to Contact Us.