Oscar Optics, Inc.
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About Oscar Optics
Located in Fremont, California, Oscar Optics, Inc. is a professional full service wholesale optical laboratory built on a foundation of quality products and superior service.

As a full service whole laboratory, we process all lenses materials in all lenses type, AR coatings.

• Full service Lab offering uncut and finished edged lenses.

• Quality workmanship with full guarantee.

• High quality coatings, AR coating, Premium nano AR coating, nano hard coating, UV coating.

• Great turnaround time.

• Complete lens type –

Plastic CR-39		Mid-index 1.56 		1.56 Hi-vex
Hi-index 1.61		Hi-index 1.67		Ultra Hi-index 1.74
Trivex			Hi-definition Digital Free-form
Our Mission:
Inspired by the diverse needs of customers in all areas and phases of business, Oscar Optics’ foremost mission is to deliver truly innovative solutions that in turn inspire customers to reach for greater heights of productivity and profit.

Our Formula for Success:
Winning = SUM(Quality, Productivity, Service, Customer Satisfaction, Innovation) / Cost

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