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Nano AR

1.Nano Crystal Clear Base AR

2.Nano Crystal Clear AR

3.Nano Crystal Clear (Premium AR)



∴ Available AR/Coating

3.Nano Crystal AR w/HYD 2 year4.Nano Crystal Premium AR 2year2.Nano Basic AR w/o HYD 1 year 1.Nano Hard Coated. 1 year
8.UV coated5.Backside Nano Basic AR w/o Hyd6.Backside Nano Crystal AR w/ Hy7.Backside Nano Premium AR

1. Scratch Protection

Extra Tought 10H-grade hard coat combined with an extremely smooth to coating significantly reduces the risk of scratches

2 High Clarity

Adavance AR Multi-coating maxmizes light transmission(>99%) whilst eliminating annoying reflective glare.


Special anti-static treatment applied within the Nano coating keeps the lenses dust-free.


Super Hydrophobic coating repels dirt and grease, making it extremely easy to clean and smudge-free